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Reviewed by John M W.  on yelp and placed here with permission from John.

If only there were six or seven stars.....

My wife and I rescued our dog, Chuy, from the kill shelter and were immediately confronted with some pretty bad behavior problems.  He was aggressive and we were concerned we were going to have to give our boy up.  Frustrated in our efforts to change his behavior, we decided to seek professional help before having to make some tough decisions.  We did some research and found Mary.  To sum it up, she saved our Chuy.  She came over to the house for a consultation and in a few hours, she gave us the tools to deal with Chuy's problems:  Instant impact, instant results.   We were so impressed that we signed up for her basic training program.  This has been an excellent program for Chuy, improving his behavior each week.  Professionally, Mary is highly effective.  Her experience as a Working Dog Operator for the Military Police Corps has equipped her to understand dog behavior like no other.  Her competence is recognized by the Veterans Administration, who has asked her to serve on  a committee that helps Iraq and Afghanistan vets overcome post-deployment stress through dog ownership.  Personally, Mary is a person of tremendous integrity.  She will give you an honest assessment of dog and owner behavior throughout the training.  Her judgment is ALWAYS in the best interest of the dogs.  She has my highest endorsement.  Please support Mary's business.

Julie L's comments:  Mary is awesome. Today was first day of class and our little guy has already modified his leash behavior. I am super impressed. Mary is also running a yelp discount right now. Yay :)

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