Additional Resources
We are committed to supporting high-quality organizations. You are welcome to email us for information on qualified organizations, or submit your site for consideration here.
      Check out Dr. Greg Martinez's Dog Dish Diet book and site, One of our own dogs is part of the gang at the table., she is the Cutie on the left up front looking at you.

       Looking for a German Shepherd check out GSRNC (German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California) , they are great.       

       We Highly recommend Gilroy Veterinary Hospital, we take our own pets there.

       Service Dogs resource 

Looking to have your dog walked during the day check out  our friends. We recommend their services.

We Highly recommend All Creatures Great and Small Rescue, they are helping us Find Service Dogs for our Veterans.

       I can not say enough about Station 55 in Gilroy on 5th Street. They are amazing, the food is great. Please support them they help support our Operation Freedoms Paws Service dog program. Thank you Fran and Bobbie.

  When evaluating local organizations, we recommend American Kennel Club-affiliated groups. If in doubt, contact us by phone or email; we know many club and kennel operators personally, and we’re happy to provide recommendations.