My philosophy and approach to training.

There are many schools of thought regarding training a dog. Some do a disservice to the dog and owners, others are too forceful. I am not a fan of either. However what works for you and your dog may not work for all. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to have a well behaved dog. How you approach this is always your choice. But I highly recommend the following.

Over the years I have come up with my own method which I call T.E.D.D. 
T.E.D.D stands for training, exercise, diet and discipline. 

Training is a consistent, everyday thing. It can be private with just you and your dog or in group setting with formal instruction or one on one with a trainer. But it should be done!
Everything everywhere can be a training opportunity. Socialization with people and other animals is part of training not separate.

Exercise is not just throwing the toy, running the dog or taking the dog for a walk. When you exercise the body as well as the mind you truly are exercising your dog. Working your dog, making them follow commands while physically exercising the body, makes for a healthy, happy, well balanced dog.

Diet is important and can be unique to each animal. This is a whole separate subject. But the key is to have a balance diet and no weight issues.

Discipline does not mean that you discipline the dog, it means that you are disciplined enough to apply the other three areas mentioned above and use correction properly and at the right time. You use firmness rather than force, and you only correct when the dog knows the command being given or is acting inappropriately in a given situation.

When we become leaders to our dogs, build trust, respect and apply T.E.D.D everyday, we truly have a trained well behaved dog.